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We simplify your complex story, and package it in a bright, bite-sized form.

We love helping people simplify their stories and share what truly excites them. Your technically complex ideas will be as refreshing and easy to unwrap as a clementine!

We follow a simple 4-part process - moving our clients from segment to segment until we deliver just what they asked.


In this phase we assess your video needs, project goals, target market, and milestones.


Acting as an extension of your marketing team, we collaborate on script, storyboard & assets.

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The content creation itself - filming, editing, or animating, we'll make your vision come to life. 

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Our favorite step - going through review, revisions, and finalizing your video project.

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We also offer executive consulting for strategy, marketing, & videography:

Let Clementine Productions teach your team basic techniques in everything from storytelling, comedic timing, and videography.


For every project, we pitch multiple ideas, and strategize on how to repurpose content for future training courses and marketing campaigns, increasing your team’s competency and saving you time and money for years to come.

How can video be implemented into your branding strategy? What industries and scenarios is video particularly good  for ?

Whether you’re a solopreneur artist, a startup who has never before created video content, or an established tech company with a specific, targeted marketing strategy in mind, we work with you as creative partners. Our process is efficient, effective, and educational. Our broad success in a wide array of industries and scenarios means we are nimble, creative, and highly empathetic.

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