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What is Clementine Productions?

What is Clementine Productions?

Clementine Productions is a Boston-based video production company,

creating bright and memorable videos for all of New England.

We are a women-founded and women-led company that loves telling stories

that capture the authentic essence of the people in it. 

Why is it called Clementine Productions?

Why did we name a video production company after a peel-able, adorable fruit? 

Because it immediately conjures the sensations of eating one - an easy rind to peel, a burst of sweetness,

a pop of tang, and a yummy smell that fills the whole room. 

That's what we strive for when we make videos: a clarity and simplicity in the process, a product that is immediately emotionally evocative, a hint of humor and edge, and a lasting impact that attracts others. 

Is that taking a metaphor too far? Maybe! We don't care! Plus, we get to buy citrus prints and expense them now.

Meet Jess Pfhol

With a background in saas account management, small business ownership, and creative filmmaking, Jess loves bridging the gap between right and left brain to tell technical stories in an emotional way. She's found that the most memorable stories are the ones that make people feel something, and she focuses on finding the emotional core of each and every project. 

No matter who it is on camera, Jess loves making people feel comfortable and empowered to put their best foot forward, using her background as a resident cast member at an improv theater to help people feel loose and camera-ready. 

A comedienne at heart, Jess jumps at any opportunity to bring levity, laughter, or comedic storytelling to a video. 

And, if requested, Jess always has several dozen pictures of her cats ready to go, just in case you were wondering. ​

Meet our founder, Jess! 

Meet Jess!
Video Productions and Editing
Clementine and Clove

Clementine & Clove: Our wedding brand

Did you know we also do weddings? Our sister brand, Clementine & Clove, specializes in romantic, cinematic, and organic wedding videos, from highlight reels to full ceremony cuts. 

Using the same attention to storytelling, cinematography, and finding the authentic emotional core, we love the ability to be there for couples on the biggest day of their life.


Wedding Videography

People we love to work with

Jonna Lyons

Jonna Lyons: Graphic Design  

Jonna is a user experience and graphic designer. She specializes in User experience design, visual communication and concept development from thumbnails, to comps, to finishes: visual identity and branding, business systems, posters, brochures, newsletters, editorial and book design, packaging, and electronic pre-press production; as well as skills in illustration, drawing, painting, etching, and photography.

Marcy Swallows

Marcy Swallows: Crossroad Virtual Solutions 

Female coaches and creatives come to Marcy when they’re ready to eliminate stress, overwhelm, and wasted time through strategic organization and automation of their business tasks and processes. 


A Dubsado expert, Marcy develops detailed workflows by helping women to break down the operations of their business that are causing frustration and putting them into an organized system that uniquely fits their needs. 


Michelle Lin

Michelle Lin: Video Editing

Michelle is a Los Angeles-based producer and editor. She has created video and digital content for documentary, short film, social media, podcasts, and more.


Michelle is also well-versed in other art forms: dance, acting, and voice, which she incorporates into her work in films. She is a graduate of the University of Southern California and loves to nerd out about musical theatre in her free time


People who helped with this site

Rhodesia Jackson

Rhodesia Jackson: Brand Design at Rhodesia J Designs

Rhodesia is the Founder & Branding Expert at Rhodesia J Designs. She is passionate about helping female business owners attract their ideal clients by capturing their unique personalities with bold, clean designs for print, web, social media and more.

Using brand strategy, design, and my HTML and CSS background, she crafts brand identities and websites made to set you apart from your competition and bring in your dream clients.


Diana Lu

Diana Lu: Editing at Cross River Strategies

Diana is a writer and scientist in Boston. As a Writing Coach with a STEM focus, she works on copywriting, grant writing, PR, and writing and editing academic/educational materials. Her clients include academics at Harvard, MIT, BU, and Claremont College, for whom I have raised funds from NSF, NIH, The Ford Foundation etc.

She combines high-level technical expertise, adroit storytelling techniques, and a coaching leadership style to advise clients on their research approach and give them the tools to most effectively market their work.


We have to do it. Meet Francis (L) and Chester (R)

Francis the cat
Chester the cat
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