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So She: 
App - Based

Soshe, a digital health & wellness app for new and expecting birthgivers, wanted to pivot from in-person birth classes to launching an app-based course. 


Clementine Productions worked with Soshe to create 25 videos between 10-20 minutes in length, with accompanying graphics, animated quizzes, overlays, and b-roll of pregnancy exercises. 


This project was a huge undertaking, and Clementine Productions’ experience creating videos for e-learning and sales enablement prepared us for the challenge. 


Clementine Productions became part of this amazing women-founded and women-led team, facilitating communication about capacity, workflow, and designating responsibilities.


We developed a collaborative process to create and review the videos, write quizzes and overlays, and assemble and edit the videos.

Clementine Productions developed a complete-service consulting, design, and production package that included:



  • Designed course mood board with So She.

  • Hired a makeup artist.

  • Hired models.

  • Created a shooting schedule. 

  • Curated a gear list.

  • Set dressing design collaboration.



  • Filmed for 4 days utilizing two 4k camera setup and a teleprompter.

  • Coordinate a photographer for the models.

  • Lit the set and changed location set ups 3x.

  • Recorded audio & operated teleprompter.

  • Directed talent to get their best performances for filming. 

  • Assisted in directing the models to get b-roll footage.



  • Coordinated with a graphic designer to create templates for the graphic overlays, interstitials, and animated quizzes.

  • Created unique assets for each video from templates. 

  • Tracked the project progress and used review software to iterate on the process.

  • Edited and assembled 25 multi-cam courses. 

  • Selected licensed music that fit the aesthetic. 

  • Reviewed and revised each video with So She Team. 

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