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Candibell Narrative Explainer

Candibell, Inc. creates gyroscopic monitors to track product movements in real-time. Their software uses API integration and cloud export to enable their customers to visualize and access data affordably and conveniently.


Candibell needed a video explaining their latest technology for investor presentations and on their website for positioning.


Clementine Productions developed a strategy that represented Candbell’s wide variety of use cases in the most cost-effectively and visually engaging way.


We utilized costume changes of the talent to represent different industries - a polo for retail, a lab coat for medical, and a sweater for home aids. This allowed for the least amount of people and hours to communicate the technical specificities of the product, creating an eye-catching blend of informative and compelling narration.

Clementine Productions developed a full-service production package that included:

  • Curated a list of talent and cast an actor 

  • Consulted on aesthetic of location 

  • Storyboarded the project based on the provided script 

  • Created a day - of filming schedule and coordinated production logistics

  • Shot on location and directed talent 

  • Edited the video & added graphic overlays

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